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How To Become A Model For New York Fashion Week in 2022

Modeling requires strict discipline and perseverance. You have to follow a proper strategy to stand out from the crowd and get noticed if you want to become a model for new york fashion week.

We have created a 3-step strategy on how to become a new york fashion week model.

Let’s discuss the process to become a model for New York fashion week in detail.

How To Become A Model For New York Fashion Week

#1. Build Industry Connections

Becoming a New York Fashion Week model is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need good meaningful industry connections to get a chance to walk on the ramp. 

To build industry connections you should follow the tips given below.

  • Attend industry-specific events. Search for upcoming events and buy tickets if they sell online so that you don’t miss the event.
    Industry-specific events will enable you to meet people of your niche. You will meet people of your niche and it makes more sense to have professional networks within your industry.
  • Be open to talk to strangers. Whether its a stylist, photographer, blogger or a model, try to start a meaningful conversation with them. A good connection may lead you to become an NYFW model. The best time to make strong connections is when a fashion week or similar events are going on. You will find plenty of people that are eager to make new professional connections.
  • Be active on Instagram. Exchanging IG handles is a common courtesy nowadays during fashion events. Your big followership and active participation represent you as a determined professional.
    Secondly, IG and other social media profiles are additional sources for agencies and scouts to find their required models along with searching on fashion events.

#2. Seek Out Small Designers

Thousands of models try their luck in every NYFW events but only a few get the chance to become models with big brands. 

If you want to become an NYFW model, a better approach is not expecting to get selected for the main events. 

In fact, there are plenty of small designers look for cheap models who can’t afford top models participation fees. You can search for these designers who are ready to give you a chance of modeling in their projects. 

You will get double benefits with this approach –

  • You will get a chance of modeling that will increase your experience
  • You will get more exposure in your industry that will help you move ahead to reach your goal.

Follow the previous step of building new connections to meet new emerging designers to get your chance.

#3. Subscribe Online Platforms

You can subscribe to online modeling platforms like BackStage or Latitude Talent that provide you the details about upcoming events. 

Not only the event details, but you also get expert advice to get cast in the New York Fashion Week.

These websites keep you updated and you get better chances of exposure in the industry. Do check the history of such a platform before joining.

Major benefits of joining online platforms.

  • You get exposure to various work or job opportunities close to your talent profile
  • You get timely notifications for upcoming events
  • Market yourself with a detailed profile to get noticed by other agencies

For example,

BackStage offers a monthly subscription of almost $20 to get benefits from its huge platform. However, you get a deep discount if you pay annually which becomes $6.25 per month.

BackStage subscription

10 Tips To Become A Model For New York Fashion Week

#1. Use Social Media

Use social media for new connections

Image Source: Insta channel of famous model Chris Syteigen

Scouts are everywhere hunting for models. You can use the power of social media to get scouted. 

Instagram is the most widely used social media platform for model hunting. Keep posting on a regular basis. 

Try to show your talents but keep your looks natural without outlandish outfits and heavy makeup. Just present yourself with your natural attributes. 

Keep including big fashion houses and other famous insta channels using hastags for better outreach.

#2. Get Modeling Headshots


A headshot is your most important tool to showcase. So you can go for some headshots before reaching out to the agencies.

The best practice is to keep at least one headshot and one body shot. However, if you are going for a professional shoot, try to get some photos clicked with a smile and some in neutral mode.

Above all, a confident smiling self is the best thing while going personally to reach out to agencies.

#3. Use Smartphone Photos

If you are applying with agencies online, you can upload your smartphone photos also. Try to be simple and natural. 

Don’t make up excessively, nor use any beauty app filters on the photograph you are likely to send.

Just try to keep the images clear of those representing your personality through it.

#4. Keep A Simple Wardrobe

You need not pay thousands of dollars on designer apparels, rather keep a simple wardrobe that suits your personality.

Right clothes add uniqueness to your looks. This uniqueness not only gives you confidence but also helps you make a first impression.

#5. Practice Runway

Practice Runway

Catwalk is the most important weapon in your arsenal, so you should be perfect in this. You can either hire any professional but if you are on a tight budget, you can simply learn from Youtube.

Going paid training is not important here, important is your consistent practice. 

Watch YouTube tutorials and practice in front of a mirror or you can ask your friend or family member to give feedback.

You can also record your practice video on your phone and then review it yourself.

#6. Stay in Good Shape

For a model, his job is to keep her body fit after all your body is your work. So going to the gym and staying fit is very important. 

Regular exercise sessions keep your body healthy, your mind stress-free and gives your skin a radiant glow.

Models work hard to keep themselves in shape. Not only maintaining figure, you have to keep your skin, your nails, and your hair in top-notch shape.

#7. Follow A Beauty Routine

You can never find pimples or blemishes on a model’s face. Why? 

Do they hide with makeup?

The answer is No.

In fact, they work their ass off to keep their beauty intact. 

You should regularly moisturize your skin, drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated, and avoid foods or drinks that aren’t good for your skin. 

#8. Eat Nutritiously Rich Food

A nutritious diet plays an important role in staying fit and healthy.

You have to follow a strict eating routine if you want to become a model for new york fashion week.

Add more fruits and green vegetables in your diet. Eat fiber-rich food more.

It’s better to eat that is good for your body rather than having everything unknowingly.

#9. Be Ready For Hustle

You should realize this fact that as a beginner you may have to struggle a lot. 

In the initial days, you should take every meeting, and grab every opportunity. 

Because remember, for your that one opportunity there might be hundreds of people struggling to grab that chance. 

#10. Learn to Embrace ‘No’

Prepare yourself for a lot of rejections. Don’t lose your confidence if you get multiple rejections. Even present supermodels faced rejections and were told ‘No’ many times. 

Accept the reality that everybody has different mindsets, different opinions, and different perspectives, you may or may not fulfill their requirements. So if you are getting rejected that’s okay, it doesn’t question your self-worth.

You are not the right fit for them, but you will find the right fit soon.

You have to learn to come back from such a situation quickly. Just stay focused on your target. 

Requirements Fulfilled by Models for NewYork Fashion Week

If you want to participate in New York Fashion Week, you must qualify for the requirements given below.

#1. Requirements for female models

  • Attractive personality and in good shape physically
  • Height – Min. 5’9″
  • Age – Min. 18 years and max. 25 years
  • Dress Size – Ideal size is between 2, 4  or 6
  • Plus-Size Model – sizes between 12 to 16
  • Straight white denture
  • Flawless skin with no pimples or blemishes on face or body
  • No tan lines or scars
  • Only a couple of piercings or tattoos allowed (Won’t allow obsessiveness for piercing or tattoos)
  • You will have to show legs, arms and upper back (to model different dresses)
  • You will have to show your runway walk
  • Media Required –  Headshot/Photo, or Video

#2. Requirements for male models

  • In good shape and healthy
  • Height – 6’ to 6’3”
  • Chest Size – Min. 36” to 38” 
  • Age – Min. 16 years and max. 35 years (Models below 18 must come with parents or guardian)
  • Straight white denture
  • No tan lines or scars
  • Only a couple of piercings or tattoos allowed (Won’t allow obsessiveness for piercing or tattoos)
  • You will have to show your runway walk
  • Media Required –  Headshot/Photo, or Video


You might have to struggle in the initial days but once you become successful, a lot of new opportunities knock your door.  So be determined,  practice consistently, and stay healthy to achieve your goal of modeling in New York fashion week. 

Create your own strategy or you can follow what you have learned above and execute that with full determination to reach your goal. Best wishes.

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